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  1. MGSE AG Research Roundtables (starting noon, 22 February)

    MGSE is launching a new series of roundtables on the last Wednesday of each month, 12-1pm, to provide a space for any academics and graduate researchers across the school to engage in a wider conversation around research currently driving discovery and knowledge advancement in each of our Academic Groups. Each month features a different Academic […]

  2. MGSE Labs: Information/Q&A Session

    As mentioned at this year’s Setting the Scene, MGSE plans to introduce “labs” as an option for academics looking to build greater visibility and depth around an active and enduring program of focused research. Labs are an opportunity to bring together a coherent collection of projects (funded and unfunded), publications (including NTROs), peers (internal, external, and—especially!—graduate researchers), and partnerships (professional, industry, etc.) to further incubate, advance, […]

  3. Applications Open: Translating Research at Melbourne (TRAM) Research Impact Bootcamps

    Translating Research at Melbourne (TRAM) is now accepting applications for TRAMx Bootcamps 2023. 18 MGSE researchers participated in TRAMx Bootcamp 2022. The University of Melbourne’s research impact accelerator program, TRAM aims to build capability for transforming research and inventions into products and services with real-world impact.  TRAMx bootcamps provide an accessible entry point for those keen […]

  4. U21 FINE Scholars Success Webinar Series

    The Universitas 21 Forum for International Networking in Education (U21 FINE) Leadership Team invites postgraduate and early career researchers from U21 member universities to attend our U21 FINE Scholars Success Webinar Series event featuring Tecnológico de Monterrey. Our webinars feature research presentations, research conversations in breakout rooms, and a “Find your Footing Feature” wherein deans […]

  5. Seeking your feedback: MGSE Research Leads Initiative 2022 

    Last July, MGSE established a collective of “Research Leads” across our Academic Groups. The aim was to support and grow a collaborative culture of research activity across the School, and our capabilities as a research community. We are seeking feedback on how the initiative went via a short survey, and input on how it might […]

  6. Call Out for Principal Supervisor for 2023 GR Subcommittee

    Dear Principal Supervisors, As part of the governance structure of the GR Subcommittee, there is a GR Principal supervisor representative. We are currently recruiting for this position to commence in February 2023 for a 2 year cycle. This is a great opportunity to be part of the discussions regarding GRs, supervisors and chairs. The commitment […]

  7. Research Computing Portal 2.0 now live

    The new version includes new cloud products, an enhanced interface, and the exciting ability to now share computing resources with collaborators. If you’re a data-intensive researcher who has yet to visit the Portal, now’s the time to see if its resources could help your work. If you’re already a Portal user, you may want to […]

  8. Graduate Researcher Supervision Workshops 2023 Schedule

    Dear Researchers, to be registered as a GR supervisor you will need to complete the GR Supervision Workshops. These workshops fill up very quickly! Below are the dates for these workshops in 2023. Date Time Format Link Registrations close 08 & 09 February 2023 9:30am – 12:30pm(both days) Online Register here 28 January 30 May […]

  9. NATSIHEC/NATSIPA Conference 22-23 November 2022, Melbourne

    The conference is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and students. It is free and participants can attend online or in person at Swinburne University, Melbourne. The conference does have a strong early career academic and postgraduate student focus, however, will also be interesting for those: looking to undertake postgraduate studies; work […]

  10. Global Trends & Opportunities For Impact Seminar

    As mentioned in Prof Jenny Lewis’ keynote at the MGSE Research Conference, Research Impact is central to the goals of Advancing Melbourne 2030, and also features significantly in revisions to the University of Melbourne Academic Performance Framework from 2023. The RDU is offering the following interactive presentation on how to generate and sustain measurable social […]

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