FoE Graduate Research Resources & Thesis to Publication Reward Schemes 2024

GR Supervisors, please make sure your GRs are aware of the 2024 funding for Graduate Researchers and the terms and conditions.

Graduate Research Resources

Funds are only provided as a reimbursement on presentation of tax invoices and receipts. All Graduate Researchers (part time and full time) currently enrolled in a research-classified postgraduate degree at FoE and have been confirmed in their candidature are eligible. GRs must also have their ORCID unique identifier. 

Support of up to $2,000 (full time) and $1,000 (part-time) is available each year, 

Please find attached the Guidelines and Application Form.

FoE Graduate Research Resources Guidelines 2024_FINAL.pdf

FoE Graduate Research Funding Application 2024_FINAL.pdf

Thesis to Publication Reward Scheme

The Thesis to Publication Reward Scheme is specifically aimed to assist Graduate Researchers (GRs) during their candidature to write and submit quality journal articles on their original research produced throughout their candidature. This reward is $1,000 AUD per publication and capped at $3,000 AUD for doctoral candidates (PhD or DEd) and $1,000 AUD for MEd(R) or MPhil candidates.

The journal articles must be accepted for publication in a recognised, peer-reviewed outlet listed on the University’s Open Access Website during their candidature.

Applicants for the Thesis to Publication Reward Scheme must complete a short application form via SmartyGrants

Please find attached the Guidelines and a sample of the Application Form.

FoE Thesis to Publication Reward Scheme_2024-Guidelines.pdf

FoE Thesis to Publications Reward Scheme_2024-Application.pdf