Welcome to our New GRs!

Welcome to the following GRs that are commencing their research higher degrees in our faculty:

  • Nadishka Weerasuriya
    Rethinking belonging in the third space: A study of multilingual youth and their language practices
  • Suowa Zhang
    A Study on the Influences of Transnational Educational Mobility on Chinese Haigui Women
  • Grace Elkins
    Understanding the impacts of an anti-colonial pedagogy framework on the purpose of English.
  • Yvette Walker
    Art and museum education: exploring how radical and digital pedagogies enable future thinking for education
  • Yangyang Zhang
    Development and validation of a measure of mathematical wellbeing (MWB): the MWB Profiler
  • Mariyam Nazviya
    The value of higher education for young adults in Australian universities
  • Rulin Xu
    Globalized Localism of Global Competence Education in China: theory and practice
  • Kathryn Beresford
    Creative-being: the role of negative emotion in creative flourishing
  • Catherine Misson
    Leading schools effectively through the era of digital disruption: Insights into the capabilities of principals who are digital transformation leaders
  • Anna Farago
    Making projects: working with, in and across community: an a/r/tographic study
  • Miriam Reynoldson
    Narratives of value in online education through contexts of life
  • Jack Greig
    ‘Both-ways’ wellbeing for healing, engagement, and growth within Yambirrpa schools: Toward a culturally responsive trauma-informed positive education model
  • Tatiana Renzo Fonseca
    Under the lens of different perspectives: families and teachers in the construction of children’s gender identity in Early Childhood Education
  • Hu Liang Borlagdan
    Mechanisms that Facilitate Hope Development in Adolescents: A Program of Study
  • Amanda Sfindilis
    How can secondary school teachers best be supported to identify and cater for the numeracy demands of their subject area to support the skills necessary for their students learning?
  • Ashley Pratt
    A critical analysis of history curricula across international contexts
  • Shelby Stewart
    Professional Learning for Middle Leaders – an Individualised Coaching Model
  • Grace Manuleleua
    A Critique of English Literacy within Samoa’s Education Curriculum
  • Maya Starr
    Addressing personal-professional emotional dissonance through attending to teachers cultural self-confidence – exploring the idea of expecting multicultural early childhood teachers to effectively deliver a curriculum of belonging, being and becoming when they are not enabled to do so themselves
  • Emily Gilbert
    From Caecilius to Caesar: the pedagogical implications of the shift from the study of textbook to original Latin
  • Jorge Prado
    High Expectations, Weak Institutions: The Global Educational Discourse on Equity and Inclusion and Vocational Higher Education in Regional Chile