Hacking the Anthropocene: doing research with and for young people

Date and time

Starts on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM AEDT




Data Week, is an initiative by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Data Office to showcase and celebrate the power of data from across Melbourne Children’s Campus.


HAK.io stands for SWISP Lab’s signature project ‘Hacking the Anthropocene Kit – input output’. SWISP is led by Associate Professor Kathryn Coleman and Dr Sarah Healy; interdisciplinary practitioners working in the fields of speculative a/r/tography, digital creativities, digital childhoods, digital methods, digital education, and digital scholarships. HAK.io is being conducted in partnership with Science Gallery International. In semester 2, 2023, HAK.io partnered with Science Gallery Bengaluru, India and Melbourne in a series of hacks with young people. The input-output approach to data that orientates HAK.io creates opportunities for young people to practice in sites of activism, action and advocacy through play. Participants apply theory and methods to co-create and employ projections of futures and nows through ‘what if’ and ’what might be’ problem posing. They also examine ways actionist and activist discourse can play a role in co-designing climate education. The HAKs are structured by creative SWISP Lab methods which include digital play with AI collaborators, climate comedy, computational mapping of emotions, and metaverse (un)building. In this ‘Art of Possible’ presentation we will explore what data in action with young people in the midst of climate collapse looks like and consider what this social practice research offers.


Dr Kathryn Coleman, Dr Sarah Healy