Rethinking School Attendance

Our faculty has a strong relationship with The Smith Family. Please join a webinar exploring on how to address declines in students’ school attendance. Moderated by The Smith Family’s CEO Doug Taylor, this webinar offers evidence-based insights and solutions from three experts on what can be done. 

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Webinar event: Rethinking School Attendance

Date: Wednesday 28th February 2024

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (AEDT)

Student attendance rates in Australia and internationally have been declining over the past decade, with significant declines occurring after the COVID pandemic. Given attendance is linked to a range of educational outcomes, such as academic achievement and school completion, these declines mean more students, particularly those experiencing disadvantage, are at risk of falling behind.

This webinar will discuss the findings of Dr Kristen Hancock’s recent Churchill Fellowship, which included travel to NZ and USA to learn about how other countries are responding to student attendance problems, with the latest evidence-based strategies supporting those.

International expert Dr Patricia Graczky from the University of Illinois will talk about how she works with schools to address attendance issues, through implementing a multi-tiered system of supports that addresses a range of student needs.

Educational leader, Caroline Fishpool, Lead Director Conditions for Learning, Dept Education SA, will reflect on these findings and approaches from the perspective of schools and an education system.