Call for Participants (due 4 November): Sponsorship to attend the Peace Education Research Seminar, Hiroshima University, Japan, February 20-24, 2023

MGSE’s INEI partner institution, Hiroshima University, has been hosting its “Peace Education & Lesson Study for Teacher Educator” (PELSTE) seminar series through its Educational Vision Research Institute (EVRI) since 2020. PELSTE2023 will focus on peace education, with the theme “Can we universalize the localized peace education?”. Discussion will be on how peace-oriented educational activities implemented in various local contexts have potential to build peace in society. Museum tours, fieldwork at war sites, dialogues with atomic bomb survivors and peace educators, and class observations are scheduled during the program.

We are calling for expressions of interest from MGSE academics and graduate researchers.

Economy airfares will be covered by the Educational Vision Research Institute (EVRI) at Hiroshima University and MGSE. Accommodations, meals, and local transportation in Hiroshima will be covered by EVRI.

A 600 word EOI summarizing your research topic(s), suitability for the program, and interest of Hiroshima University is due to Dr Bella Blaher by Monday 31 October, 5pm AEDT. The successful applicant will be notified by Friday 4 November and then what the next steps are required for participation