Research Integrity Advisors Recruitment for MGSE

MGSE is seeking candidates to act as Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs) to support and promote responsible research conduct and provide advice to those with concerns about potential research integrity breaches in MGSE and across the University. We currently have one RIA, Natalie Hendry, and we would like to recruit more RIAs for MGSE.

RIAs provide advice about the responsible conduct of research. They also advise on what to do if there is a concern about the integrity of research or in situations of dispute, and the University’s processes to investigate and manage concerns or complaints about research conduct. The role of RIAs is to provide advice only, and they do not have investigative or determinative roles. RIAs will also be invited to contribute to the development and/or delivery of research integrity education and training at the University.

The RIAs are supported in their role by the University’s Office of Research Ethics and Integrity (OREI) through induction and continuing training, supporting resources, opportunities for professional development and networking, and on-demand support.

As a part of the University’s RIA Network, they will commit to a three-year term and to attend the induction workshop as part of their onboarding. In addition to the time commitment required to respond and provide advice to researchers and students, there are four one-hour meetings scheduled each year for the RIA Network and ad hoc development and training opportunities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me ( or the OREI team ( if you are interested and would like to find out more about the RIA role.